Booking Information

Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl is an Aztec dance group that is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the ancient Mesoamerica knowledge. Our goal is to preserve the sacred traditions left behind by our ancestors while sharing this cultural knowledge as a way of fostering unity and connections between all cultures. La Danza Azteca celebrates cultural diversity by exploring common links that bring and connect people together in a celebration of movement, art, and life. Using intricate dance steps, turns and jumps, we evoke energy that intern creates positive change. Drums, seed pod shell, flutes, mandolins, and Mesoamerican instruments unite to create a mind expanding experience that reflects the cultural heritage of Mexico as well as North and Central America.

 Presentations for small events
·         $600: 6 dancers 40 min
·         $450: 5 dancers 30 min
·         $350: 4 dancers 25 min
·         $250: 3 dancers 15 min
 $150: 2 dancers 15 mins

Presentations for large events
·         $1000: 8 dancers 45min
·         $800: 6 dancers 45 min
·         $600: 5 dancers 35 min

The time can be divided into two different presentations within the same day. Presentation notice needs to be done at least one month in advance for large scale presentations.

Out of town presentation will have a transportation fee. The fee will depend on how many dancers and vehicles will be used as well as mileage.

Dressing Room: We will need a private room or area on location to prepared before the performance.

Thank you once again for your interest. For further questions, please contact us at